Durian addiction and optimal health

Many people in Southeast Asia believe that eating durian will make them stout, or even fat.

But they are wrong. Durians, or more precisely, durian flakes are an excellent choice for a weight-loss diet.

And here is why.

First of all, it's not what you eat that makes you gain weight, but how much of it goes into your stomach.

Better read the above again.

Durians, or durian flakes, are a very satisfying food.

Satisfying is not the same as satiating.

A large bowl of boiled beans or corn porridge may be satiating (you are full), but your taste buds are unlikely to be contented with such a bland meal. Your mouth will salivate when you smell something else more delicious.

This would be unlikely after you have eaten durian. And it's not because you would necessarily be full. But you are satisfied. You do not crave other food. You don’t want anything else.

On the other hand, if you eat fresh durian, you cannot just consume one bite. The whole fruit has to be eaten, because otherwise it will spoil, or it's stink will spoil your social environment. A durian fruit, once it has been purchased, has to be eaten soon, the sooner the better. This can translate into generous servings, even if you share a fruit with two friends.

Fresh durian is hard to store. Your house, your apartment (the whole block), your refrigerator, all your other food, your car, your clothes, everything will stink of durian.

Furthermore, durian, the most expensive fruit in the world, is to costly to throw away.

So, naturally, people think, better eat it than discard it. This leads to overeating.

If you overeat on durian, you may gain weight. The same goes for overeating on pizza, pasta, potatoes, and porridge.

The great advantage of dried durian flakes when compared to fresh durian is that you can limit quantities at will. You may just nibble on the equivalent to maybe 5 or 10 raisins. That is enough for the taste to stay in your mouth for 15 minutes, and a memory of the taste for an hour or so. You won't crave other food for that length of time.

And then, durians, in spite of not being salty at all, make people want to drink water.

No problem, water has no calories. Drink as much as you wish. It's healthy and temporarily increases internal stomach pressure, which contributes to a sense of satiation.

But what if you don't feel like stopping consumption of durian flakes all day?

Of course, for the connoisseur and aficionado, durian flakes are tempting. There is pleasure in eating on and on.

But wait a moment.

What was it what you read twice at the entrance of this article?

It's not what you eat that makes you gain weight, but how much of it goes into your stomach.

Your stomach that is. Not your mouth. You can handle (or should we say mouthle) your durian flakes the same style as a vintner does with the wine he produces.

A vintner tastes it all along in the production process and he has to, in order to determine fermentation interruption... but he doesn't swallow, otherwise he'd be drunk before noon every day.

A vintner tastes his wine, and spits it out.

Brilliant idea.

The taste, and the taste pleasure, is in the mouth. But unless you want to get drunk, wine ia a burden to the digestive tract.

So, if you are really determined to lose weight, a lot of weight, consume durian flakes without swallowing them. Chew them and melt them in your mouth, then discard by spitting.

Be more civilized than Indian or Burmese areca/betel chewers. Don't spit on the street. Bring a few smallest size plastic bags along.

This approach to food consumption, of course, doesn't have to be restricted to durian flakes. And, by the way, it has a name. It's called kreutzing food, or the Serge Kreutz diet.

Durian flakes are ideal for a Serge Kreutz weight loss diet because their taste is so satisfying, omitting any craving for other food.


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